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Georg Spöttle – Interview

Georg Spöttle is a military expert, served in and visited several hot zones, including Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Syria, North Korea and other Asian and African countries. He graduated from the West Berlin Police Academy and worked as a detective at the Landeskriminalamt, dealing with political and religious crimes. Currently he is a security adviser for a security firm in Hungary. […]


Péter Medgyessy – Interview

Born in 1942 in Budapest, Péter Medgyessy was the fifth Prime Minister of Hungary between 2002 and 2004. Coming close to the tenth anniversary of his resignation, Medgyessy, a known economist and politician, talked about his controversial times as the prime minister of the country in an interview for news site Talking about the happenings of ten years ago, […]

Falus Ferenc

Ferenc Falus – Interview

Ferenc Falus, born in Budapest, is a Hungarian doctor, hospital manager and former Surgeon General of Hungary, now currently the Budapest mayoral candidate of the opposition party alliance for the October local government elections. Considered by many the only real challenger of current mayor and Fidesz-backed István Tarlós, in this week’s blog section we publish an interview with Ferenc Falus, […]

Németh Zsolt; Orbán Viktor

Reactions to Orbán’s Tusnádfürdő Speech

The speech of Viktor Orbán in Tusnádfürdő in Romania (Băile Tușnad) caused great controversies both home and abroad. Many criticsed the Prime Minister’s speech, hailing it an attack against democratic values. In this week’s Blog section we take a look at two reactions to Orbán’s speech. First we take a look at an opinion piece by Sámuel Ágoston Mráz, a […]


Hungary Today News Portal launched

English language news portal Hungary Today began its operation, aiming to become a frequently visited site of foreigners living in Hungary and foreigners interested in Hungary. The project is embraced by the Friends of Hungary Foundation, since the goal of the Foundation is to inform the public about Hungary, about the programs of Hungarians living outside of the country, and […]


Bilingualism in the Carpathian Basin

The number of Hungarian civilian institutions fighting for bilingualism in the Carpathian Basin is on the rise. Two of the most prominent ones are are the “Bilingual Southern Slovakia” (Kétnyelvű Dél-Szlováki) and the “Yes, Please!” (Igen, Tessék!) movements. Civilian society in Eastern Europe are often considered weak, especially compared to Western Europe or North America. The rights of Hungarians living […]


Holocaust Memorial Year Proceeds Despite Proposed Boycott

The Hungarian Holocaust Memorial Year will proceed despite a boycott started and led by the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Magyarországi Zsidó Hitközségek Szövetsége, Mazsihisz) as associations continue to organize commemorative events, wrote Magyar Nemzet Online. More than four hundred programs are to receive government funding for the Hungarian Holocaust Memorial Year, summing up to EUR 4.9 million (1.5 billion […]


István Tarlós – Interview

István Tarlós, born in Budapest, is a Hungarian politician, Mayor of Budapest since 2010 and is currently the Fidesz’s candidate for the upcoming local government election of October, where he intends to become a two-term mayor of Budapest. In an interview for news portal he talked about the new election system, the hot topics of the campaign and future […]


Miklós Seszták – Interview

Born in Budapest, Miklós Seszták is a Hungarian jurist, politician and currently the Minister for National Development, he is also one of the vice presidents of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt, KDNP). In interview for portal Napigazdaság the minister talked about his plans for the next cycle. After the purchase of Főgáz (Budapest Gas Supplier) by the Hungarian […]


Lajos Kósa – Interview

Born in Debrecen, Lajos Kósa is a Hungarian economist, politician and currently the mayor of his hometown since 1998. He has also represented Debrecen in the National Assembly of Hungary also since 1998. As a member of parliament since 1990 he has served on several committees, including, but not limited to the Local Government and Regional Affairs Committee, Defense and Law Enforcement Committee and Economic Committee. […]