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“Today, next to Puskás, Sziget is the one Hungarian name that makes people pay attention throughout the World”—Interview with Norbert Lobenwein

VOLT, Strand, and Sziget Festivals, Balaton Sound, and Each and every one of these events simultaneously attracts and defines the free time of hundreds of thousands of young Hungarians and foreigners; in Hungary, summer isn’t summer without these events. Recently, Hungary Today interviewed Norbert Lobenwein, who in his twenties made a festival out of house parties, and today is […]

Tacan Ildem interview (photo: Enikő Enzsöl -

“Hungary has Made NATO Stronger” – An Interview with Tacan Ildem, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy

Yesterday, Hungary Today’s sister-site, the German-language Ungarn Heute, conducted an exclusive interview with Ambassador Tacan Ildem, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, at a conference celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Hungarian Atlantic Council; we have translated this interview for our readers, and you can find the original at Ungarn Heute’s website. Tacan Ildem […]

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Budapest Think Tank the Danube Institute Hosts Conference on “Debating Democracy”

Last Thursday, the Danube Institute, a conservative think tank based in Budapest, hosted a conference entitled Debating Democracy, in which speakers and panelists discussed the recent developments that together have raised the question, “What is democracy?” The event began with a brief introduction by the Danube Institute’s President, John O’Sullivan, who provided a bit of background on the Danube Institute, […]


Prominent Hungarians’ Opinions On Hungary’s Withdrawal From Olympic 2024 Bid

In this article you can read a few opinions from the members of Friends of Hungary Foundation about last week’s decision to withdraw Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Olympics. As the Hungary Today reported before the Hungarian government passed a resolution in which it proposes that the City of Budapest and the Hungarian Olympic Committee should withdraw Budapest’s bid […]

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“The regime which exists in Russia is a danger to itself, and it’s a danger to its neighbors.”—An interview with David Satter

David Satter is a veteran American journalist, author and Russia expert who is one of the world’s leading commentators on Russia and the former Soviet Union. In December of 2013, Satter made headlines when he became the first American correspondent since the Cold War to be expelled from Russia. Satter has written extensively on topics related to Russia and the […]

Ádám Topolánszky - Hungary Today

The Trump-Orbán Vision: Parallels Between U.S. And Central European Immigration Policies

Hysterical reactions of the liberal elite to President Trump’s travel suspension are similar to liberal outrage regarding Hungary’s recent immigration policies. As we all remember, in 2015 the liberal establishment worldwide hysterically and irrationally reacted to the Hungarian government’s decision to secure Hungary’s borders. Other central European countries, such as Slovakia, Poland, Croatia and Slovenia have announced similar measures and […]


“Give Back Something To Our Homeland” – Interview with Mr. Gyula Elemér Balogh, President of the Americans for Hungarians Foundation

Last week, HungaryToday interviewed Mr. Gyula Elemér Balogh, the President of the Americans for Hungarians Foundation and the Co-President of the American Hungarian Federation. During our interview Mr. Balogh discussed the activities and achievements of the aforementioned organizations, as well as his role in organizing Hungarian Balls in New York. How did the American Hungarian Club begin? Where did the idea […]