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Exclusive Interview: Budapest Mayor István Tarlós on the Olympic Bid, CEU, and the City’s Future

Last month, Hungary Today and its German-language sister-site Ungarn Heute had the opportunity to interview István Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest. Tarlós, who has been mayor since 2010, spoke at length about the development of Budapest into a world tourism destination, the referendum bid that led to the withdrawal of the Hungarian capital’s bid to host the Olympics in 2020, the ongoing […]

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Economist & Oxford Professor Péter Róna: Orbán Gov’t Will Lead to Hungary’s Expulsion from EU

“We’re on Our Way Out of Europe” In an interview with news station hír TV, Hungarian economist Péter Róna spoke about the unhealthy state of the Hungarian economy, the Orbán government’s demonization of the European Union, the ongoing “Lex CEU” controversy, and his views on the possibility of Hungary’s expulsion from the EU. You can view his entire interview (in Hungarian) […]


A New Dawn? The Impact of the Aleksandar Vučić Era on the Hungarian Community in Serbia

The key role of Aleksandar Vučić in the Strengthening of Hungary-Serbia Relations and in Improving the Situation of the Hungarian Minority in Vojvodina As a result of the Yugoslav wars, Serbia became a very complex country in the 1990s. Great tensions accumulated in the Western Balkan country that lost four consecutive wars over the course of that decade. Among these […]


Empires vs. Nations: another frontal assault on Hungary’s sovereignty and national resolve by the Brussels elite

History demonstrated that transnational empires do not last forever. In fact, most ancient empires collapsed after roughly 600+ years. Such were the fate of the Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Prussian, and Hapsburg empires and monarchies. Diversity and/or external factors were typically the culprit for their collapse. However, during the modern era, the collapse of transnational federations has accelerated greatly. The Soviet […]

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“I got tired of explaining to people that Hungary wasn’t a fascist backwater”: Exclusive Interview with British-Hungarian Author Tibor Fischer

Earlier this week, Hungary Today had the opportunity to sit down with Tibor Fischer, a well-known British author of Hungarian descent who last month wrote a piece in The Guardian defending the recent activities of the Orbán government, including its controversial “Lex CEU” higher education law amendments that critics see as a deliberate attempt to force the Central European University […]


“The entire European Union is in a state of reconfiguration”: Exclusive Interview with János Lázár, Head of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office

János Lázár is the Minister of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). In an exclusive interview last month with Hungary Today and Ungarn Heute, Lázár spoke at length about Hungarian-American relations, Hungary’s place in the EU, the ongoing “Lex CEU” controversy, and other current political issues. This interview has been translated from Hungarian, and edited for clarity. The Friends of […]


The Honorary Consuls: A Proud Service On Behalf Of Hungary In The United States And Elsewhere

The honorary consular service is an important service and contribution to Hungary’s foreign service missions abroad assisting Hungarian citizens living, staying or just visiting in a foreign country. However, the honorary consular system is not a Hungarian invention. The Office of Foreign Missions was created in the United States by an act of Congress on October 1, 1982 to assist […]

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Exclusive Ungarn Heute Interview with the Leaders of NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine

Earlier this month, Hungary Today’s sister-site, the German-language Ungarn Heute, conducted an exclusive interview with Colonel Dr. László Fazekas, Director of the Budapest-based NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine, as well as with his deputy, Colonel Dr. Salvatore Schmidt, an officer in the German military. We have provided a summary of this interview for our readers, and you can […]

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Popularizing Hungarian Culture “Throughout Europe, and Around the World as Well”: Interview with István Loránd Szakáli, the Man Responsible for Hungaricums

Earlier this year, Hungary Today had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with István Loránd Szakáli, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Deputy State Secretary for Agricultural Development and Hungaricums, to talk about the Hungaricum system, as well as about the work he members of his office do to promote Hungarian culture at home and abroad. As we have previously […]


“In some sense, for us, this was the real Hungary”: Homeland Aloft, A Conference on Hungarian Émigré Cultural Life in the West after 1956

What does a writer do when his homeland, the one little spot on earth where his obscure language is spoken, forces him out? How does art based on language survive in countries where that tongue is spoken by an absurdly small minority? How does one dealing with being “banned” in one’s own birthplace? Last Wednesday, an event was held in […]