Taste Of Africa In The Heart Of Europe – Gidi2u Delivers African Delicacies In Budapest

The food scene in metropolises and multicultural towns is always on the move and offering a wide variety of tastes from around the world. That’s a fact in Budapest too, you can find any kind of food, but something was missing in terms of home delivery choices – that’s where Gidi2u steps in.

Gidi2u delivers West African and vegetarian delicacies anywhere in Budapest and source only from the best restaurants, the ones that proud themselves in using the freshest products and in cooking dishes that please the eye, feed the body and uplift the soul. The new food-delivering company is committed to fast, quality service and to constantly expand their selection. “To us, it’s more than just a service; food represents and embodies culture and tradition – to share it, to enjoy it, to learn about is ultimately to embark on a quest that reconnects us with our deepest roots and common heritage”, they writes in their press release.


Gourmands, foodies and curious forks can log their order on and choose their favorite dishes among the new company’s selection; the payment is to be settled upon delivery in cash, as of now. Actually, Gigi2u is in the procedure of the great start, so they will be introducing secure credit card payment in the next days too.

via: Gidi2u Press Release;;