Buda-Past: Do You Think You Know The Baths Of Budapest?

Budapest has a fairly unique quality, being among the very few large cities in the world that is rich in thermal water – so it is also called the city of spas, and has been a well-known balneological center since the 1930s. Do you know which historic bath of Budapest can be seen on this vintage pictures and approximately when it was taken?


Although this bath has been operated for centuries since the 12th century, it developed mostly in the end of the 19th century. In 1884, Fülöp Palotay purchased the bath from the Treasury, thus a series of transformations began. The spa hotel was built, an up-to-date hydrotherapy department was established and the swimming pool was transformed.


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Nowadays, it is a complex thermal and wellness center waiting visitors with thermal, swimming and leisure pools, saunas and wellness programmes.